Nasharite: Intercessors for Revival & the Return of the Lord

  • PAGES: 94


In the early 1800s, there was a man, not known to most people, who changed history with his intercession. This man was Daniel Nash, and he co-labored with Charles Finney in Upstate New York in the 1800s to see one of the greatest moves of the Holy Spirit in America. The revival brought in hundreds of thousands of new converts into the Kingdom. Nash would forerun Finney’s traveling itinerary by coming into a city ahead of time to labor in prayer and fasting, so that the Word of God would go forth in power. Finney stated that Nash would walk in on the first night of a revival and would state, “The Lord has come.”

My wife, Dana, and I were so impacted by this hidden intercessor that we named our son after him. Nine and a half months later, our son Nash unexpectedly passed away, and it threw us into the most difficult season of our lives. In the midst of this time, I began to cry out to God to bring forth our inheritance through all of this. Shortly after, a dear friend sent me a dream that, as the cultural wars and darkness were increasing God was going to raise up an army of Nasharites to combat the darkness. These would be men and women, young and old, gripped with the spirit of prayer to see revival touch their families, their churches, and their cities. They would be forerunners who would labor for breakthrough – that God would move on their behalf. We believe that God is raising up this army of intercessors for such a time as this. This book is designed to give you insight into what the DNA of the Nasharites is. I believe this book will mark you, and equip you to grow in the spirit of prayer for revival.


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